Tom G. Palmer – Why Liberty


The ideas presented in this book are about an alternative view of politics: a politics, not of force, but of persuasion, of live-and-let-live, of rejecting both subjugation and domination.
The essays are mainly written by younger people who are active in the Students For Liberty, a very dynamic and exciting international movement. They offer an introduction to the philosophy by which most human beings live their lives on a day-to-day basis.
Being a libertarian means not only refraining from harming the rights of other people, namely, respecting the rules of justice with regards to other people, but also equipping yourself mentally to understand what it means for people to have rights, how rights create the foundation for peaceful social cooperation, and how voluntary societies work. It means standing up, not only for your own freedom, but for the freedom of other people.
This short book is an invitation to think about important problems in new ways. It s for those who come to the issues for the first time and for advanced scholars. Both groups and all in between will benefit from these essays. They can be read in any order and no one essay requires that one read the other. A reader can dip into the book without having to read the whole thing.
Think of it as a bag of healthy snacks for the mind. And enjoy.


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